Caeli Wall
Easy 4min setup

Have you ever missed a simple, flexible and elegant solution
for your presentations?

Caeli Wall

Compact design and low weight, makes Caeli Wall a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for your presentations, trade show, event, promotion, press conference, photo shoot or projection. Use Caeli Wall as exhibition wall, backdrop or room divider. A flexible design in an all-in-one package gives Caeli Wall many applications; advertising board, sponsor banner, interview background, scenography, information wall, in public areas, fairs, expo, hotel lobby.


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Caeli Wall is an ideal frame for large prints and displays,
product information, company logo, advertisements, etc.
Combined with a projector and your smart-phone/tablet/laptop you can have meetings or presentations anywhere. Our product is perfect for information work, education, Power-Point presentations and projections when conference rooms or other AV-equipment is unavailable.

Caeli Wall is an inflatable frame that fills with air from a built in compressor.
Connected to a power outlet, filling starts and stops automatically when air pressure inside the frame reaches 7,5 psi. The frame is constructed to withstand 12 psi, so there is no danger of overfilling. After filling, disconnect power and attach your display, print or screen to the frame. Setup is easy and done in less than 5 minutes.

All fabrics and materials used in Caeli Wall are tested for best performance and function. The outside of the frame is made of dacron as used for parachutes and kiting, seams are same quality as for extreme sports equipment. The inner bellow in TPU is constucted for a higher pressure than the compressor delivers. The bag is in ballistic nylon with strong zippers. Wheels, shafts, the compressor and valves are all from robust qualities.

Textiles, papers and all kinds of light materials can be attached to Caeli Wall by the use of our see-through attachments from Holdon, and our own brand of rubbers. It is really simple to change prints or screens, and you can do so yourself without need from experts or trained personell. Unlimited number of attachments can be bought inexpensively from us and you can have as many diplays as you like with just one Caeli Wall.


Caeli Wall can be a background or room divider. Put several together in angles or patterns to make rooms or 3D constructions, or in series for larger displays, for example one print covering 2 frames. Use as many as you like, in any case it weighs a fraction of any other solution on the market.

Caeli Wall is delivered with 2 white screens for projection, photo backdrop/diffusor or white background and room divider. Our product is user friendly, flexible and easy to use, transport, mount and dismount. Use your imagination to make a fantastic and different visual presentation. Please contact us for more information.


Inflatable wall in a small bag


Perfect for conferences, exhibitions, shows and any event in need of a display


Anyone can set up in 5 minutes


Order as many prints as you like for use with one Caeli Wall.
Two white fabrics for projection included


Use both sides of the frame for profiling, no ugly backside


low weight, carry-on luggage size


No logistics or transportation costs, Invites re-use


Caeli Wall is patented and design protected

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Caeli Wall

Caeli Wall is developed and designed in Bergen by KnudsenBergHindenes
Anne Jorun Sæten is the inventor and patent holder
Supported by Innovasjon Norge

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